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Would you like to protect your bed from Dust Mites?

Would you also like to protect your family from the Allergies they Trigger?

You can with a MiteGuard Quilt Protector

The microscopic house dust mite live in our homes by the millions.  Bedding is where most dust mites are found because moisture,
temperature and human skin flakes provide optimal conditions for growth.  Mite-Guard is a proven allergy protective bedding system. 
It is a safe, air permeable, micron dust filter specifically developed as a barrier against dust mite allergies. 

Mite-Guard mattress, quilt & pillow protectors create a barrier between you & dust mites, achieving significant relief of allergies.
They totally enclose the pillow , quilt or mattress using a zipper closure.


 Single Quilt Protector  : 140cm x 210cm
 Double Quilt Protector  : 180cm x 210cm
 Queen Quilt Protector  : 210cm x 210cm
 KING Quilt Protector  : 240cm x 210cm

Allergic Reactions
 Dust mites and the allergic particles they produce are known to be a significant cause of allergies including:
They can also contribute to eczema, dermatitis and other skin disorders.

The Proven Protection

Mite-Guard is a proven protective bedding system. It is a soft, air permeable, micron dust filter specifically developed as a barrier against dust mite allergies. It's made from antimicrobial treated fabric, which stops a wide range of bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew.
The fabric overcomes the need for regular hot washing of bedding items such as quilts and pillows and even allows the use of natural fillings such as wool and feather.

Why you will get a good night's sleep
Mite-Guard products provide not only a barrier against dust mite allergens, but are extremely lightweight and allows body heat and moisture through to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Fitting Instructions
Prior to fitting, remove all existing bedlinen ie sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers.
Always ensure the Protectors are fully zippered during use.
Do not use undue force when fitting as this may cause damage.
Finally, place clean bed linen over the Protectors.

Don't spend hundreds of dollars getting your mattress or pillow treated regularly for dust mites, this is a much more affordable option.

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