Why not make over your living room at the start of each season and within budget with these simple steps:

1. Move your furniture around to make the room look like you have bought new pieces. Ensure you have  thoughoughfares in and out of the room.
2. Select a new Rug, this can completely change the look of your room. Ensure it's big enough to go under some of the furniture.
3. Add some cushions and throws. No need to match up exactly, pick up one of the colours or patterns in the  rug. Contrasting or unexpected looks can add interest to a room.
4. Add some new decor pieces eg  a group of coloured vases, lamps, urns, trinket storage boxes etc. Experiment by moving around some decor from another room. You can give a piece a new lease of life by simply moving it to another room.
5. Buy a new plant or two and put it in a lovely pot. It could last all season if you take care of it.
6. Add a group of flameless candles to create great ambience and give the room a lift.

White or Chrome or Gold glaze, high fired ceramic with lid1 x Large Jar 32cm diameter x 58..
$299.00 $438.00
Makes a great side table in tight fitting spotsMatch the Navy to Throws and Cushions for a..
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